what is the extent and which form do potential diagnostic measures have?

Depending on the motive and the involvement in career models, the adopted methods by us can vary in form and complexity. The most valid methods to date have proven to be the assessment center and the structured interview. Participants in groups or on their own are monitored while simulating success-relevant scenarios from potential typical working day situations. With respect to content, the diagnostic situations can be very specific as well as dynamic and interactive. Thus the participants of the process can prove their value in simulated conversations, self-reflection suggestions, intellectually-demanding individual tasks, group discussions or presentations.  

The length of the process strongly depends on the extensiveness of the client's requirements and the target group. A group seminar on potential analysis in the context of a multiple-path career model (e.g. management vs market vs specialist tasks) developed on the basis of comprehensive client requirements can last between 2 to 3 days. A structured interview can, depending on the circumstances, take up only a few hours. A standardized test procedure is implemented to support the diagnostics in the form of a structured self-evaluation or as a guidance to self-reflection.