Christoph Posse

Born 1972



Professional apprenticeship as an Industrial Clerk followed by a position in sales with a medium-sized industrial company. Moved on to complete degree in psychology, specializing in work and organizational psychology as well as clinical psychology at the University of Wuppertal.

Assistant Lecturer at the Department of  Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Wuppertal.

Lecturer at the University of Constance (lecturing in Work and Organizational Psychology). Fields of expertise: work analysis, potential diagnosis and systemic consulting.

Since 2007 lecturing „Communication and Elocution“ at the European University of Applied Sciences (Fresenius)

Joined Arentz & Partner as a Consultant in 1999.

Head of Potential Diagnostics and International Personnel Development.

Additional qualifications: 

  • Systemic Consulting, Institute for Systemic Consulting, Dr. Bernd Schmid, Wiesloch
  • Management Training (group dynamics, transactions analysis, conflict management) Dr. Rosenkranz, Munich
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (Master Degree), MD Schapur Homayun (DVNLP), Wuppertal
  • Hypnosis according to the Milton Erickson method, MD  Schapur Homayun, Wuppertal
  • Coaching methods, Dr. Peter Müri, Centre of Learning Murarca, St. Hilaire d’Ozilhan, France
  • Conflict Claryfying, Dr. Christoph Thomann, Bern (CH)

Fields of expertise: 

  • Conception of suitability diagnostics instruments for selecting staff and analyzing potential
  • Implementation of potential analysis for senior staff and future executives in assessment centers and job interviews.
  • Projects of analyzing potential and selecting personnel for management development
  • Individual coaching of senior staff and future executives as well as top specialists
  • Implementation of training programs for management development in the areas of communication, leadership, conflict management, negotiation, rhetoric and presentations