Our self-conception

Proven methods as a sound foundation

We apply solid standing methods and instruments and draw upon old human knowledge. Of great concern to us is a sound knowledge of the business, scientifically focused and a down-to-earth approach in practise.

Entering new territory

We consider unanswered questions a challenge. We allow space for development and are prepared to experiment with innovative approaches. In this spirit, we continue to seek new shores in the interest and benefit of the client. 

Personalities form organizations

The development of the individual and the organization is our declared and highest objective. We know that changes only come into effect through peoples` personalities. This is why personality development in the context of self-expression is the center of our work. Moreover, we address the topics of relationships and networks and concentrate on the complete picture i.e. the team, the organization and the environment. 

Integrated learning by trusting

As far as we see it, learning is much more than the transfer of knowledge. We give precedence to the emotional and social elements of learning. This occurs once a personal relationship has been established and maintained with the learner. As a result our motivation leads to commitment and enthusiasm. 

Attentiveness in development processes 

We consider development a process. We learn with and from the client so that we can identify, take seriously and assess the situation at hand, cooperate with clients to identify realistic and effective implementation possibilities. Whilst doing so we continue to bear in mind the importance of order and structure, knowing too well that the person will need such guidelines. 

Wariness regarding course of action

Change can trigger uncertainty. We offer support to the client in such difficult phases and encourage him by taking his opposition toward reform seriously and working with him to establish new prospects. Needless to say, we always pay attention to the balance between fragility and stability, between flexibility and consistency. 

Strengthening of individual potential

We provide a service which basically helps one help oneself. Our aim is to leave the client to his own responsibility assisting only by providing the necessary means to discover and fully exhaust his own resources. For this purpose, we create a learning culture which harmonizes seriousness and openness with enjoyment and humor.

Using conflict as an opportunity to develop 

We do not avoid conflict. Instead we make a mutual decision with the client on whether and how we can best approach and overcome these conflicts. Enduring pressure and making the most of it expresses our approach. While dealing with the conflict issue we bestow safeness and proceed carefully. 

Practising what we preach 

As a consultancy company and team we exemplify the development processes we activate in companies by constantly deliberating on our work, introducing improvement and advancing by further professional studies. Our mutual path of direction arises from the diversity of the varied consultant personalities. 

Shared realities in development processes 

Our objectives are reached by maintaining a personal relationship with the client and responsible project manager thus laying a solid grounding to work on. Defining a common mandate understanding as well as a critical analysis of the development processes with mutual feedback represent a standard part of our repertoire.